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Lan Maggie & Co. is a firm dedicated to making the design process tasteful + enjoyable no matter your budget and style 

Maggie, the firm's principal, is approachable, easy to work with + can guide you thru the necessary steps involved in organizing a project from beginning to end.  She works at your pace + accomodates your needs.  Flexibility being our strength, we have an array of different working methods to help you complete your project on-time + on-budget.


Initial Design Meeting

This is the essential first step in defining any new project.
Whether you have a Lived-In Space, Renovation or New Construction, we start with this meeting of the minds.  More than just an introduction, this collaboration is a design dialogue of ideas so Mindy can understand what you want to accomplish.  We ask you to prepare a list of questions, by room, to organize your thoughts.  This will keep us on track + make for a productive first meeting.

Here are some examples of what can be accomplished during the Initial Design Meeting.

Walk-THru of space, Style + Palette Development
Define what Furnishings are Needed
Rough Sketches of Furniture Placement                                                                                                   

An important outcome of the Initial Design Meeting is to realistically discuss the:                                        Scope of Work, Time Frame, Budgets + Next Steps.

ala Carte Design Direction

Shopping Service
Our “Black Book” is extensive, as we like to create a home from a mix of Resources:
Designer-Only Showrooms, Bespoke Custom Furnishings, Retail Boutiques, Trade-Shows, Flea Markets Finds + our stash of other cool collaborations.  Need a Quick-Fix? We offer our shopping service by the hour, by the day or by the project.  Sneakers mandatory.

Paint Color Selection
Maggie is a color expert + can help you develop the palette that works throughout your h
ome. if you’ve lived through the frustration of trying this yourself, get it right the first time.

Style Development
Some Clients prefer to visualize concepts by seeing Design Plans + Presentation Boards 
Others prefer us to gather Tear Sheets or Pre-Shop to save time.
Some enjoy tagging along during our inspirational outings. Whatever works.

Materials Selection for Construction
Wood, Paint, Trim, Cabinet, Tile + Stone selections can be daunting, important decisions.  If your Contractor needed your choices yesterday, give a call and we can help you pull it together in a few hours.

Trade References
We work with Painters, Moulding Installers, Electricians, Flooring Specialists, Window Treatment Pros + other Artisans.  Our Vendors take good care of our Clients. If you prefer, we also would be happy to work alongside your Contractors.

Bath + Kitchen Design
We have partnered with great resources for Tile + Cabinetry.
Together we create functionally great looking “essential” rooms to fit your look + budget.

Maggie is a recognized expert at re-arranging the furnishings that you own, to create a refreshed home.  If home just doesn't feel right, or you're tired of your layout, a little moving of your furnishings can make your whole place look + feel new.  No need to move, just move it around.

For Real Estate Developers
Renting or selling homes that look great makes your job much easier.
We consult on the materials you should use for the kitchens, baths, etc.
Model Home Design + Furnishing is another one of our specialties. Also see our Staging Service

On-line Design
For those who need a little design direction we offer our services remotely.
We can design your space via the phone, internet + snail mail. For samples please click here.

Soup to Nuts comprehensive package custom designed to fit your Budget + Time Frame.

Maggie is available during + after traditional business hours. Yes, both evenings + weekends.
Iphone in tote, details are just a moment away.
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You are invited to call + speak with her about your design project.