Lan Maggie Chow

Lan Maggie Chow has been practicing interior design for over 10 years, establishing herself in Minnesota after completing her interior design degree. As a designer, Lan Maggie is known for a touch of unexpected combine with beautiful textures and bold pattern that vibrate with the perfect amount of sophistication, warmth, style, drama and approachability.

Growing up in Hong Kong, one of the most cramped city in the world, made Lan Maggie realize the importance of functional space planning. She also learned the magic of how color and texture can impact an area, changing a small, boring apartment into a vibrant, exciting and homey living space.  Much of Lan Maggie’s sense of style originates in her East meet West upbringing and has evolved through her traveling and everyday observation. Lan Maggie believes great design is not an accessory, but a neccessity. Constantly drawing from the inspirations of her life, Maggie goal is to improve the life quality of others through her design.